an unnecessary project.

With a little more than a month left to go, you would think I would be taking projects off of my list at this point. Instead, I added one on. Uninspired when it came to designing our programs and sick of teal taffeta table runners being the only sewing I've done in months, I decided to make a simple garter to wear on the wedding day.
It's made of ivory silk duponi, which is one of my most favorite fabrics ever. We won't be doing the garter & bouquet toss since those traditions have never been our cup of tea at other weddings we've been to, so I really do not need a garter at all. But who can resist a quick and easy sewing project (with beautiful silk duponi) when in need of some instant gratification?

I have no doubt that I'll need to prioritize within the next few weeks in order to get the important elements on my list finished before the wedding, but for now, I'm still hoping we can finish most of the projects that we've been hoping to bring to the big day. And admiring my completely unnecessary, yet still gratifying ruffly little garter!

If you want to make a simple garter, check out this tutorial from the purl bee!

Did anyone else add a last minute project onto their list? What was it?


julianne smith said...

wow! so pretty! i think it is perfect - nice and simple! way to go!

Heidi said...

That's really pretty! It look comfortable too! Mine were not!