repondez s'il vous plait.

I considered writing out the whole phrase for "RSVP" on our invites, but then realized people might not know what it means. Luckily, they do know what "respond" means. We've already got 30 of our RSVP postcards in the mail, and we just sent out the invites last Monday! Let's hope they keep rolling in!
We opted for RSVP postcards for a few reasons, the main one being to save money on postage and avoid having to pay for RSVP envelopes. With so many invitations, postage was pricey! We spent $60.20 just on postcard stamps alone for our 215 invitations. If we had used regular cards with envelopes, it would have cost us an extra $34.40. That's not even including what it would cost to buy the envelopes themselves, or the additional postage it would've taken to send out invites to our guests in the first place (since the invites would weigh more overall).
Another reason we chose postcards was to save paper. Our invites surely aren't the most environmentally friendly, but we did eliminate the need for an envelope by using postcards for the RSVPs.
The last reason for using postcards can be attributed to my anal-retentiveness. All of our little inserts aligned so nicely in our pocketfolds, I didn't want an envelope ruining the perfection of it all. Lame reasoning, I know, but it's true!
Overall, I'm glad we opted for postcards. I'm also happy that we had the forethought to number them all, just in case we get a response back with not-so-neat handwriting (or no handwriting at all) in the space provided for the guest's name! Not sure if you can tell, but in really light pencil in the bottom of the flourish pattern below is the number 130! My little sister Gaby did a great job discretely numbering every.single.postcard, and I am eternally grateful to her for that. She also added a little polar bear stamp to each one, which, oddly enough, matched our color scheme with the teal blue background (and we will ignore the fact that polar bears have nothing to do with weddings). Thank you, USPS.
Out of the 30 responses we've received so far, 28 are "delightfully accepting". That means only 2 regrets so far! And the guest count begins with 63 attending...


Christine said...

Having postcards for rsvp is a great idea and they look really great :-)
Numbering the cards is very clever! :-))

Bridechka said...

Looks awesome!

PS: I tagged you!

KJPugs said...

Woooohooo! That's great! And your postcards look amazing... gives me hope for mine, eventually.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

loving the pocketfolds. we're doing pocketfolds too :)

Marian said...

I love your invitations!!