making the trip.

One thing about planning a wedding in a place that you are not currently in is that you have to travel a lot. I just counted, and between the beginning of May and the wedding in September, we will have traveled to the UP eight times. EIGHT! Multiply that by 5 hours each way, and you have 80 hours of driving. That is a lot of hours spent in the car my friends, and that doesn't even include trips to other places during that time period. No bueno.
I shouldn't complain. I'll admit, I'm not typically the person driving. The boy usually drives and I find things to do to occupy the time. Things like picking potential songs for the ceremony. Things like entering our entire guest list into our table planning software. Things like figuring out who all needs to be at our rehearsal dinner. Oh, and things like choosing our wedding party. Yep, that was done in the car too!

We'll be making the trip yet again this weekend, and it's sure to be a busy weekend once we get there! My hair and makeup trials, finalizing our floral contract, my bridal shower, and a meeting with the ceremony musicians will all take place while we're there. And let's not forget some good old fashioned 4th of July fun! More than anything, what I'm looking forward to the most this weekend is enjoying a nice cold drink on the boat and relaxing with friends and family!

Now all I have to do is think of a way to pass the time during the trip! Any suggestions?


Bridechka said...

Play a game, the Big Guy and I play a game where we press scan on the radio and try to sing every song that comes on, whoever sings it first or knows the song better gets apoint. It usually just devolves into us singing (yelling) every song in the car the whole way there.

Christine said...

Have fun and good luck for the weekend :-)