multi-tasking table numbers.

I like to multi-task. Even when it comes to centerpieces. Every table at the wedding will have three centerpieces; the outer two being purple vases filled with green and white hydrangea, and one centerpiece in the center (umm redundant much?) comprised of a green wine bottle with a single purple dahlia. So every table needs a green wine bottle. What else does every table need? A table number, of course. So rather than creating more work for myself, I decided to multi-task and combine the two!

I think I've mentioned before that I'm rather thrifty (or "cheap" if you'd prefer) especially when it comes to things I'll never use again. Centerpieces fall into that category. For the middle centerpiece we wanted a certain type of green wine bottle that has a unique shape... and also happens to house one of our favorite wines! So instead of buying a bunch of wine just to get the bottles (although that may have been more fun), we asked a local restaurant that sells this type of wine if they would keep the empty bottles! We're picking up the final bottles this week. They've saved over 40 of them for us. And it cost us ZERO dollars. How's that for thrifty?

Now that we have our wine bottle centerpieces, I've been working on how to make the bottles function as table numbers as well. I looked to Miss Joey's post for inspiration and decided to use the same flourish pattern we've been using throughout the paper goods to liven them up a little. I put together a quick prototype to see what they would look like.
Not terrible, but definitely not perfect either. For the real thing I'll add white cardstock behind the number to make it easier to read, and I'll probably use words rather than actual numbers to make it look a little fancier.

As always, a question for the group... do you think the gold label on the upper portion of the bottle needs to be removed?

Has anyone else considered making their centerpieces do double duty?


PDX Bride said...

Yes remove the gold label . . . that was actually the first thing I thought when I saw the picture! Otherwise they are really cute!!

mimi said...

but the gold label is a little bit cool and mismatchy. i vote to keep it. sorry back to square one it's a tie.
i just now did a post on multitasking completely unrelated but i thought it was kinda funny!

LauraAnn said...

Wow! Great idea to ask the restaurant to save the empty bottles!!!

I would remove the gold label at the top. It doesn't really go well and the entire concept would be much cleaner without it.

an aqua juel said...

I agree...no gold label. Unless you do some sort of gold detailing on the number or something? Maybe outline it in gold pen instead of putting it on white cardstock?