hairspiration revisited.

My hair and makeup trials are taking place this coming weekend, and I've been scrambling to put together some pictures to show the stylist the look I'm going for. This is where the problem lies. I'm no longer certain I know exactly what look I'd like to achieve on the big day. If you remember from my last hairspiration post (which was months ago) I wanted a low side bun, much like these two.



While I still love the low side bun, lately I've been drawn towards photos of the low side ponytail. I know what you're thinking... not much of a departure from the initial inspiration, but enough to warrant another set of pictures!
(all from Project Wedding)
I'll probably bring in both sets of photos and have the stylist play with both looks to see what will work best. I am really hoping this trial goes well so I don't have to think about hairstyles anymore!
Which look is your favorite? Are you wearing your hair up or down for your wedding?


Christine said...

Both look very good although they are not really comparable.
But taking both styles to the hair-dresser is a good idea and then you can decide which one you like better :-)

Lindsay said...

I like the bun. Mainly because during the reception you will probably want your hair up. A curly side ponytail will look good though. Good idea about taking it to the hair dresser. I am sure they will say what will look best. I would bring a pictur of your dress too. It might make a difference. :)

awna jade. said...

I love them both, although that last photo of Katie Holmes is AMAZING.
I do agree with Lindsay though, you may want your hair up at the reception, but maybe your hairdresser can show you, or your MOH how to easily pin it up to a bun..:)

LauraAnn said...

Both are very cute but I like the bun the best (mainly Carrie Underwood's do). Your hair will be up and out of your way all day so there won't be any hassle. And depending on the time of year, if it is hot you may want your hair off of your neck. Either way you go it will look adorable!