Have I mentioned yet that we are planning to have a photobooth of sorts set up at our reception? We will be setting up a backdrop for pictures in the cocktail area. Our Canon D60 camera will be set up on a tripod (that my boss gave to me for free... thanks boss!) and we bought a wireless remote (with a gift card we got for buying our camera) for people to snap their own pictures with! My cousin will be there to troubleshoot and will probably take the pictures during the rush at the beginning of the reception, but for the most part it will be self-service.

(source--you can also get the clipart for this lace one here)

Originally I wanted to find a damask fabric that matched our colors for the backdrop, but I didn't find anything I liked enough and/or that was cheap enough for me to buy. Instead, we opted for a plum colored king sized sheet from Ikea that was about $14. I might take some inspiration from Mrs. Taffy and paint on a flourish pattern, but we'll see where it ends up on the priority list. I designed a poster that gives some instructions and was printed compliments of UPrinting, which we will hopefully set up on a easel or table next to the backdrop. All that's left to do is mount it on a posterboard... which I also got for free from my work. Score! So the total photobooth cost for us will be $14, which may be one of the cheapest photobooth investments ever! Plus, we can reuse the sheet in our home after the wedding. How's that for practical?
Have you ever been to a wedding with a photobooth (or "faux"tobooth)? Was it a hit with the guests?


Julia said...

I am SUCH a fan of this, and we are planning to do it too!
can't wait to hear how it goes down

Amber said...

Question - How are you planning to print the photos?

Krista said...

So cute :) I've been reading that this is a big trend lately so I think it should be a hit at your wedding!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

super cute booths! PS. Dont miss your chance to enter our latest give-a-way! 75 $ worth or merchandise + a matching garter + a wedding planner!

Lindsay said...

Yeah, so I might be stealing this idea if and when I ever get married. Great idea sis!

Westside Wedding said...

I LOVE all your DIY projects! You rock! I'm thinking about having a DIY photobooth but still not sure what to do about printing them & if it;s even in the budget. I've heard of bride's using Kodak's PoGo but it still seems expensive.