Choosing the wedding day attire for my groom was the easiest and most painless decision made for our wedding to date.  Since our wedding is pretty formal, he knew he wanted to wear a tux.  Since there is only one tux shop in the city we're getting married in, you can guess where we went!  

We sat and chatted with the saleslady about the wedding details, and she plopped a large binder down that held all of his options.  To ensure he got the style that he wanted, not the one I suggested, I looked over his shoulder as he went through the book and never said a word.  Mr. M has pretty good taste, and actually probably owns more clothes than I do (we each have our own walk-in closet with way too many clothes) so I knew he'd pick a nice one.  After looking at all of the different styles, there was a clear winner from my point of view, but I waited to see which style he liked best before I gave my opinion.  I was happy (but not surprised) when he chose the very same style I was hoping he would as his favorite!  

My groom will be waiting for me at the altar, looking dapper in his two button black and ivory pinstriped suit with a white shirt and an ivory vest and tie!  He'll be wearing exactly what the model is wearing in this photo, and I know he's going to look gooooood. 

In total, the entire experience, including fitting, picking shoes, getting details for the groomsmen, etc. took approximately a half hour.  Seriously, why is it always so easy for men?

Was your groom's attire a quick and easy decision?  Did you agree with what he picked out?


Army Brat Bride said...

I was scared of the stripes, but I've had my eye on it more and more lately...it does look very chic!

Army Brat Bride said...

I've had my on the stripe tux lately...it does look very chic!

Christine said...

Yes, it was similar.
I like what he'll wear as though his mother wanted something else.:P

LauraAnn said...

I like the tux he picked out a lot! We still have to knock that item off of the to-do list! So, hopefully it goes as smoothly for us as it did for you guys!