mmm delizioso.

While we still haven't finalized the menu, we have chosen a caterer and have a general idea of what will be served at our reception. Since Italian food is somewhat of a specialty where we're from (and a favorite among both of our families), we knew from the beginning that we'd be serving it at our wedding.


Here's a sneak peek at our menu! (I will be making the descriptions sound prettier after it's finalized... if anyone has suggestions on wording, I'd love to hear them!)

Appetizer (if we have one) served during cocktail hour:

Thin (as in cracker thin) crust pizza, various kinds


Salad (plated):

(not sure exactly what exactly is in the salad yet) with homemade Italian dressing
Garlic bread

Main course (served buffet style):
Homemade pasta bar which includes

Meat and cheese ravioli


Red sauce (with meat)
Marinara sauce
Alfredo sauce


Italian sausage
Baked chicken


Cake (flavors yet to be determined)
Italian knot cookies (I can't remember the real name)

My stomach is growling already. I'm excited to be serving something that is not usually categorized as "wedding food". I've been to a lot of weddings, and none of them have ever served Italian food!

What do you think of our menu? Are you serving something out of the norm at your reception?


Christine said...

That sounds delicious :-)

What do you mean with "Italian Sausage"? Never heard of it...

Julia said...

sounds gorgeous!! I love Italian food. We are having an amazing plated buffet arrangement - all different foods come out on massive platters to go on each table, and each guest takes what they want. Not sure on the actual items yet, but I love th eidea - can't wait!!

Melissa said...

I had never heard of Italian knot cookies, so I did a little searching and LOVE that they are meant to symbolize two people tying the knot! Too perfect!

LauraAnn said...

Mmmm.....sounds so yummy! I love Italian food!!!

Anonymous said...

wow...I just got really hungry :) This looks awesome...I so want pizza at my wedding now!!

mimi said...

oh your guests will be so happy! instead of the usual beef or fish (what we are doing). not that i am unhappy with my menu. i just think your guests will be thrilled!

Nicole said...

oh my gosh I love all of this Italian food. I grew up with pizzelles.

Rebecca said...

oh, pizzelles are so beautiful--and tasty, too! could make for pretty favors--