In true bridal form, I've changed the inspiration for our wedding cake a bit since my first little sketch. The reason for the change is simple. I found new cake-spiration that is just sooooo much prettier.

Photo by tm photography.

See what I mean? These cakes make a statement. They say "look at me, I'm simple and pretty and modern and classy and perfect" all at the same time. I didn't know cakes could talk, but these three have spoken to me!

At first I was afraid that my mom (aka the cake baker) would be overwhelmed with having to make three cakes instead of one. But after she saw the gorgeous cake display, complete with cake pedestals and gum paste flowers, she agreed that they would make a beautiful display at our reception. With the baker on board, we set out to find the cake stands.

This proved to be a more difficult task than I had imagined! I looked on eBay, other online shops, Macy's, and a lot of other stores, but none of them had what we were looking for: white cake pedestals (two 12" and one 14"), preferably more modern looking, for under $25 a piece. The only ones I could find were from Macy's Martha Stewart collection, and while I liked them, they didn't seem to be of the best quality. In fact, we were ready to pay for two of them at the store when my very observant fiance noticed that the plate surface on one of them was crooked. As in, so crooked the cake might slide off. That would NOT be good.

The Mr. and I were at TJMaxx last week when we came across some 12" white cake pedestals that were just what we'd been looking for. There was only one problem... there were only two of them! (Refer to the cake-spiration above... two cake stands most definitely will not do!) Since we liked the stands so much, we bought them. Then we decided to make a night out of it and drove to about 5 different stores to see if another store had a 14" stand, or even another 12" since we could probably make it work. Unfortunately, none of the stores had them.

Not giving up so easily, Mr. M stopped at a few more stores on Monday night on his way home from work (since he works an hour away, there are plenty to choose from along the route) and still, no luck. He stopped at one final store on Tuesday after work (probably the only one left in the northwest Chicagoland area) and FINALLY found one more 12" cake stand. He proudly pulled it out of the bag when he got home. I never thought I'd see my future husband be so excited about a cake pedestal! In fact, he didn't even know what one was before our little search! It was pretty cute.

Here are the cake pedestals in all of their glory, just waiting to hold some fondant-covered goodness on our wedding day.
Oh yeah, and one more thing... they were only $14.99 a piece!

Did anyone else have trouble finding cake stands? Where did you end up finding them?


Amber Bageris said...

Holly your darn sister got me addicted to your little blog spot. I love the story of finding the cake stand. It is so cute you have that documented. You guys will look back on that one day and have a giggle.

Julia said...

success!!! always good to get a result!

melissa said...

I love them. And you can use them after the wedding. It will always remind you of your wedding cake!

LauraAnn said...

Great price!!!

We didn't have any issues but only because we rented our cake stand from the cake place.

Crafty said...

I've searched high & low for a pedestal cake stand that isn't glass. The ones you've posted from Macy*s are perfect! Thanks for sharing! :o)