the rings.

Adam and I went to Jared this weekend to get my engagement ring fixed. We had taken it to a different Jared shortly after he proposed in order to get the prongs smoothed a little (they were a bit sharp and I kept scratching myself with my ring). The jeweler was apparently not the best, and he pretty much destroyed the head. When we brought it in this weekend (to a different store), they actually had to replace the head because it was beyond repair. So that was good for me, but probably not so good for the jeweler that messed it up!

While we were there, we decided to look at wedding bands. Adam chose a very simple white gold band, which was brushed in the middle and smooth along the edges.
I had no clue what I wanted to get, but I told the lady that I was very open to wearing my wedding band on my right hand if I couldn't find something to go with my engagement ring. I realize this isn't the most traditional way to wear a wedding ring, but my engagement ring can stand on its own. Plus I like to do things a little differently!

The first ring I liked was a right hand ring, and consisted of what looked like two thin diamond and white gold bands, but they were connected together. This ring looked very pretty on its own, but I couldn't really change my mind and put it on my left hand with my e-ring. It just wouldn't look right.
The next ring I chose was actually from the same collection as my e-ring. It was one thin diamond band, and could work as either a right or left hand ring. This ring also had the same european style band as my e-ring, so if I put them together they would actually line up. As a right hand ring, it could function as the base for stacking anniversary rings, should Adam ever want to buy me another ring!
The last ring was a simple plain white gold band. I've always loved the look of very plain rings. To me, a simple band as a wedding band symbolizes that you'll be together no matter what, for better or worse, richer or poorer. I could probably wear this on my right or left hand (although I didn't try it to see what it looked like with my e-ring).
So I'm torn. I guess I have a few months to decide! What would you do?


Chrissy said...

I like your idea with the simple white gold band. :-)
Good luck with your choice!

Brenn said...

From your post it sounds like the plain band is something you like and it's symbolic of your marriage and commitment. Like you said maybe the bling can come as an anniversary gift?

AmyJean said...

I love that Pave setting... De Beers new ring just came out with one similar. i may try to get my jeweler to imitate it... so pretty :)