one down, two to go.

I hope everyone had a nice V-day weekend! I spent my Valentine's day celebrating with friends and family. My cousin and his gorgeous bride were married in the Detroit area on Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding and lots of fun! He's the first of three in our family that are currently engaged. Two more weddings to go! His sister is getting married in fall 2010 and has asked me to help plan her outdoor wedding. Of course I accepted and have created a folder of pictures on my computer just for her! This arch would be a perfect backdrop for her to be married in front of, don't you think?
Photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs.


Caitlin said...

I love the arch - perfect for an outdoor wedding!

Fall Wedding Bride said...

I love that arch! I am also getting married in the Fall of 2010. But the place I am getting married already has the little gazebo thing to stand under that we are going to decorate. But I love Fall colors! That is beautiful!