do me a favor.

Will someone please make 325 mini cardamom cakes for my wedding favors? Even mini bundt cakes like this one on Style Me Pretty would do.
I think people might think I'm crazy for taking on this project. Good thing my mom and future-mom have graciously volunteered to put their ovens to use and help me with my baking extravaganza!

Let's do some calculations shall we? 325 cakes divided by six cakes per pan = ~55 pans. Since we can fit two pans per oven at a time, that is ~27 batches. With three ovens, we each have to make 9 batches of cakes. That actually doesn't seem too bad if you ask me. Hopefully the moms will agree!

As far as packaging goes, I would love to buy some clear boxes so the lovely little cakes can be on display at each place setting. I'm not sure exactly what size box I'll need just yet, probably around 3x3x3. Clear boxes at Uline are $93 for 200, so I would need 2 boxes, which would cost $186. Seems a bit pricey to me.
A more affordable option would be these pinstripe kraft boxes, which are $14 per 100. Buying 400 of these would only cost me $56. That sounds much more reasonable, don't you think? I can add a pretty ribbon and a little thank you tag and everyone would have a little surprise waiting for them at their seat! Add a name to each card and I've got my seating cards.
This has been a very productive little brainstorming session, now hasn't it?


Fall Wedding Bride said...

Neat idea.. There is no way that I would bake that much before my wedding though. lol.. Good luck to you!
I seen on Amazing Wedding Cakes where one person made individual wedding cakes for everyone. I thought that they were beautiful!!

Abbie said...

You could even get a customized stamp for the kraft box instead of gift tags. It might be easier. There are great ones on Etsy.