christmas diy project #1: fleece blanket.

This year I had the task of making the gifts for a mother of 4 children who was approx. 30 years old. With that being the only information I had about her, I tried to think of things to make that pretty much any women in that age range would like. I don't know any women who don't like blankets, so I made that my first project.

I bought fleece at Wal-mart in two colors. There was a limited selection so I chose brown and mint green, 2 yards of each. Then I bought baby blue and cream colored felt, 1 yard of each.

I started by cutting the edges of each piece of fleece to make a no-sew fleece blanket. I'm sure you can find directions for this online, they are pretty common. Then I made some fabric flowers out of the felt using directions in one of my pattern books, Making Vintage Bags by Emma Brennan. I cut out leaf shapes from the green fleece and sewed them onto the brown fleece in what would be the corner of the blanket. Then I hand-sewed on the flowers over the leaves.

Next I tied the brown and green fleece pieces together and voila! I had a pretty fleece blanket for a very deserving mother.

All photos are my own.

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