checking things off.

I like the satisfaction of checking something off a list (who doesn't, really) so I am going to check a few things off of the ever-growing list of wedding-related tasks.

1. Bridesmaids dresses -- Done! My wonderful bridesmaids all ordered their dresses last week so I can check this one off! And the best part is I actually think they are happy with them!

2. Engagement announcement -- Done! We filled out the form and soon our faces will be plastered all over The Daily News. I'm not sure if I'm excited about that, but hey it's another thing to check off the list!

3. Mockup invitation supplies -- Ordered! Now we play the waiting game until they arrive!

4. Hotel rooms -- Blocked! No more having to worry about not having enough rooms on Labor Day weekend. We decided to go with three hotels at different price points, one of which has some nice perks for us if people stay there!

I think that's it for the moment, but I hope to keep this progress going! Also the swatch of my dress finally arrived so I can begin the next of the DIY projects, including my veil, crinoline, and hair flower. Here's the inspiration for my crinoline:
Photo by hazelnut photography. If you haven't looked at this blog yet, you should! Jordana's pictures are gorgeous.

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