pretty calligraphy.

There's something about a hand-addressed envelope in a pretty font that makes me swoon. While definitely not necessary, calligraphy can add a little extra elegance to an invitation suite or an escort card. I've been drawn to calligraphy ever since I was little. My aunt even bought me a calligraphy book for my birthday one year when I was about 10 and I practiced until I ran out of ink! Lately I've been drawn to less tradtional forms of calligraphy. I love how these invitations found on Brooklyn Bride are addressed. They look casual and slightly messy, like the person who addressed them wasn't even trying to make it look pretty. And I love the look of having all lowercase letters.

Jessica of tying the knot just opened up her own calligraphy shop called Penned & Pretty. Her writing styles are also more contemporary than traditional calligraphy.

The last style, called "Pretty Adorable" lives up to its name, and it's definitely my favorite! Congrats Jessica on opening your shop!


i Do {blog!} said...

I loved the Penned & Pretty style!

Jessica said...

awww thanks for posting about my little shop on your blog! i really appreciate it! :)