more pretty shoes.

Today Tara from In This Instance let me know that the shoes I posted about are even cheaper on Amazon! Thanks Tara! So of course while I was on Amazon I had to look at the other options available, and I found these.
Cute? I thought so. And only $15. But not in my size....sad. I don't think I could pull off a 6.5 ever let alone when I'll be running around on my wedding day.
Do you think the teal shoes would look stupid with an ivory dress and a purple bouquet?

Shoes by Soda on Amazon.


dani said...

get the purple ones. teal and ivory looks silly.

Tara said...

teal looks great peeking out from an ivory wedding dress! but so does purple. ultimately go with whichever you love and it will be great. and teal and purple is a pretty combo so no worries there.