my best friend's wedding part deux.

Here's the next color choice for Dona's wedding. Green, navy, and white. Do you have a preference between the two?
By the way, I'm liking this inspiration board idea. Maybe I should make one for my own wedding sometime soon! Especially since I'll be meeting with decorators when I go home for Thanksgiving! I'll work on that.


dani said...

much better

Dona and Tony said...

I like the green... what about yellow? Even though my h.s. colors were blue and gold, I'm thinking I can get over it and use blue and yellow anyways.

Since it's a May wedding, dafodills would be in season, and tulips too. Your bouquets could be all yellow dafodills- those would be pretty!

holly p said...

I have a ton of yellow pictures so I'll put together another one tonight!

Abbie said...

I vote for this one... but I may be biased due to the use of blue & green!