wedding transportation.

One of the disadvantages to getting married in a small town is the lack of limousines to rent for wedding day transportation. The only limos available are from about 1980 and people drive them around as their actual cars. Driving around in one of those on my wedding day? No thank you. Luckily for us, Adam's dad happens to own a 1936 Chevy Sedan that he's been fixing up for the past year or so.
I think this picture was taken before a lot the fixing up began, it looks much better than this now I swear! It is definitely better for us to leave the ceremony in this rather than Adam's truck, although that would be pretty funny and not that surprising in the UP. I think this sign or some variation of it would be perfect to hang on the back of the car for our exit! Sounds like a DIY project to me! Templates for the sign are available at Martha Stewart. What do you think, is the car okay or should we find something else?

Car photo taken by Adam. Sign photo from Martha Stewart.

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Dona and Tony said...

I love this little sign! I am quickly learning that Martha Stewart has a lot of good wedding ideas.