dress shopping.

So my mom and future mother in law, as well as my sisters are in town this weekend to help me look for a wedding dress. We have 3 appointments scheduled for tomorrow, so hopefully I can find a dress! One of my appointments is at a place called The Bride's Room in Wheeling, IL. This is a really nice boutique where they only allow one bride in at a time and you have their full attention. I took my matron of honor, Dona there to try on dresses, and she said it was by far the best experience she had while dress shopping. Hopefully it will be the same for me! It can't be any worse than my experience last week, where I was told that my $1,000 budget was causing the lady to struggle to find dresses for me to try on. She also said that since it was a "boutique", girls with budgets typically don't come into the store. When Dona asked if they had any dresses without beading, the lady told her that she did, but that those dresses were made of fine fabrics and were not within my budget. So basically, it was a disaster. I did find one dress I sort of liked, but I really don't think I'm going to go back there. If they treated me that badly before they had my money, imagine how they will treat me after they have my money! Here's the dress I found at that store.
Dress is Blue by Enzoani.

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