well hello there.

I am sort of embarrassed to admit that I've started a blog. Nothing wrong with blogs, I just never thought that I would want to write one. That is, until I got engaged. There are so many great wedding blogs out there that I've found in the past month that I wanted to create one of my own. It doesn't help that my job isn't exactly a creative outlet for me at the moment. I've also noticed that pretty much every wedding blog I've seen assumes that you are having your wedding in a place where there's actually a selection of reception halls, florists, etc. to choose from. Which is not the case in the booming metropolis of Iron Mountain, Michigan, which is where I happen to be getting married.

This blog will also help me to get some input from my bridesmaids, who are currently spread out all over the place! They will probably be the only ones who end up reading this anyway, and most likely not because they want to. Love you girls :)

So I have a few things going on with the wedding plans right now that are probably noteworthy, but this first one is the thing I have been pondering the longest. What color scheme should I use for the wedding? I've been going back and forth between a few different combinations, but I keep coming back to the same one.

A greenish blue, a pinkish purple, and very light green. What do you think?

I'd like to have colors that are interesting and original.I don't want anything trendy. I don't want anything that I'll look back on in 20 years and regret not choosing something more classic like black and white. I realize wedding colors aren't the most important decision I'll have to make in the next year, but they do set the tone for everything else that has to be done. Dresses, invitations, decorations, and favors all have to coordinate. I find myself wanting to get other things done but I keep coming back to this same issue every time! So bridesmaids, please help me to decide :)


AnnaAnnaAnna said...

I never knew blogs for brides-to-be existed. Guess you really can find everything on the internet these days...!

First of all, that's really cool that you won that contest. It will be very nice to have a free professional photographer to be there on your wedding day to capture it all!

Second, I think the color scheme you proposed could be very pretty. The first thing I pictured when I saw them was bridesmaid dresses in one of the darker two colors with a light green sash type thingy tied somehow around the waist. I think there could be a number of different ways to wear such a thing. Just an idea!!

If you use those colors, have you thought about what kinds of flowers you are going to use or what other types of decorations you will have? Or are you just wanting to get the color scheme down before thinking about any of that?

dana said...

Hey! Try this - http://www.behr.com/behrx/workbook/index.jsp.

It's a paint color scheme tool that you could use to tweak the colors to exactly what you want. If you start with a base color (or colors), it will recommend different color combinations. I had fun playing around with it. :)

holly p said...

To answer your questions Anna... I agree the light green sash could be cute, and I'm thinking maybe hydrangeas and orchids for the flowers. I'll post about those topics sometime soon to give you more details :)

holly p said...

Thanks for the site Dana, I've been playing around with paint websites too to find different schemes. In fact that's how I made the color chips for this post!