we passed the test!

Good news! We met with the priest this weekend to go over our test results (one of the perks of getting married in a Catholic church...you have to take a test) and guess what, we passed. We are officially compatible. I'm glad I know that now after being together for almost 7 years.

Anyway, I wanted to post some pictures of the church we'll be getting married at. It's called Immaculate Conception Church, located on the North side of IM. It's the church I have gone to my whole life. They just put new landscaping in around the church, it should be great for pictures at our wedding! Actually it's part of the reason Shari decided she wanted to photograph our wedding (thanks Shari!).

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago, but since then they've finished adding the rock and grass in the gardens and they are in the process of planting flowers. Won't it be pretty for the wedding?

Photos by Chris Lebo aka Sweet Leebs.

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