the perfect updo.

Anyone that has gone on Senior Walk with me knows what one of the rules is. "Must protect Holly's bangs in the event of rain." Everytime I get a haircut I come out with a slight variation of the same hairstyle, always with longer bangs swept to one side. I think I've found the perfect updo for my wedding that isn't too much of a departure from my normal hairstyle.

A low side ponytail bun adorned with fabric flowers. And I found the perfect flower by portabello on Etsy to complete this look.

I especially love that it has small pieces of russian veil attached to it. This would be perfect if I decide not to wear a veil at the ceremony, or at least something to add to my hairstyle after the ceremony. I think it'd be a really subtle way to change my look for the reception!

Hairstyle photos from Martha Stewart. Flower photo from Etsy.


kiki said...

I absolutely love this updo!!!! And I also LOVE the veil material on the side. It would look gorgeous with your hair!

since I haven't left any posts yet, I also want to say that I love everything that you've put on here so far....
the colors (I would prefer the darker color for our dresses)
the cake (simple and elegant)
your dress (I know you'll find something similar not in Mexico or Spain...but I'll go with you if you need a vaca partner...)
And I don't know anything about wedding locations so you're on your own for that one.

Anyways, I think I've covered everything...oh, congratulations with the photographer!!!

Dona and Tony said...

I also like this hairstyle. It's very you. The bangs are perfect, and I do have practice in the Holly's bang protenction department if it does rain :)

Dona and Tony said...

I really need to go into my google preferences and change my user name!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this hairstyle! It will look beautiful on you. I can totally picture it!! :)

Shari Bare said...

I love the little veil. It would photograph beautifully :)