i wish i was getting married in chicago.

Does anyone know of any places to have a reception in the Iron Mountain area? The Premiere Center got torn down and now there is nowhere to go. Not that the Premiere Center was that great in the first place. My dad wants me to use the Elks, just like all the other events my family puts on. Its not big enough and is hideous inside. Pine Mountain is nothing special and its expensive. The Kiwanis building is at least big enough but then we need to do some serious decorating to cover the walls, and we have to use porta-potties. Call me crazy, but I don't want porta-potties at my wedding. Pine Grove is already taken that weekend, plus its not big enough and I don't want anyone stuck in other rooms where they can't see what's going on.

I've been trying to think outside of the box for more interesting locations. Encore on Central is the frontrunner right now but I still have some concerns. Its a really pretty ballroom in Florence. It is going to be tight though to fit about 300 people in there. And I'm quite concerned about the food, because I've never had it and I haven't heard very good things about it. I also thought about having it in an airplane hangar, but again, we'd need porta-potties. I don't think my dress would like me very much if I had to use one of those.

Do you guys have any other ideas of where to have the reception? I'm looking for a big open space. I never thought it would be this difficult to find one! I'm tempted to quit my job, move home, and build a reception hall in IM. That could be fun, right?


Dona and Tony said...

Ok, so I'm totally trying to be creative here... not saying this is the greatest idea but it's an idea. What about a high school gymnasium? (Only because it's a big, open space and I'm sure we'd have access to locker room bathrooms.) We could do some serious decorating, put down a dancefloor- it might not be so bad. You'd probably be able to bring in your own caterer and boose which would save some $$. Actually, I'm not sure if a high school gym would allow alcohol but maybe your dad could pull some strings. I'm with you on the porta potty thing. Although I've seen handicap ones before that could fit you and your dress with room to spare :)

Dona and Tony said...

Why is my name showing up as dona and tony?!? Ugh!

shannon said...

Hi Holly,

Congrats on being Shari's winning couple! I know she's excited for your wedding next year. Check into the hanger idea because I've seen couples do amazing things with the space & actually porta potties can be an interesting aspect to the reception. We've shot some fun pictures of everyone standing in line...think porta potty photo booth. Good luck!

holly p said...

I've looked at some gym-like sites lately and I think one of them is actually in the running right now. It's big, open, and we can pick our own vendors for everything. The only problem is it sort of feels like prom again.

I'm going to have to investigate these handicap porta-potties. If they're not so bad, maybe I'll check into the hangar idea again.

Anonymous said...

Hi y'all! I'm back from vacation. Love the blog, Holly :) Great name. I like the hanger idea too. It could be funny with the port-a-potties. I know we all hate them but that's because they are gross at big events. I'm sure these would be sparkling clean.